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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

Expect a Soft Holiday Season and G7 Sanctions

President’s Letters

Dear Friends, As we enter the busiest season for the world diamond industry, the major diamond centers are facing weak demand. In Israel trading is slow due to the war. The freeze on rough imports has provided some relief to India, but Surat is operating at a fraction of capacity. In Belgium trading is steady … Read more

A Nation’s Tragedy and a Wake-Up Call for the Free World

President’s Letters

Dear Friends, So much has been reported and spoken about the horrific events of October 7, 2023. The sheer evil of the Hamas terrorists and the heinous crimes they committed on innocent civilians has been and is still being documented. Israel mourns the 1400 women, men and children murdered, and is anxiously awaiting the 212 … Read more

Our Industry is Changing and This is Good

President’s Letters

Dear Friends, We just concluded the 40th World Diamond Congress in Israel. The previous Congress was held virtually, by Zoom, at the height of the Corona virus pandemic in September 2020. This Congress marked the first opportunity to bring so many of our friends together. The theme was “Change and Innovation in the New Diamond … Read more