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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

WFDB Young Diamantaires Raise Money for South African School

Antwerp, August 20, 2020: The Young Diamantaires, a group created by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) to grow and support the next generation of the diamond industry, has  announced a fundraising campaign to help build a library and kitchen at the Renaissance High School in Messina, South Africa. After having visited the school in September last year, the group decided to bring about the addition of these much needed facilities. They formed a fundraising committee and have now begun a campaign on digital platform Go Fund Me.

The immediate response to the campaign has been positive, and the YDs are very confident that they will reach their fundraising goal of $500,000.

Rami Baron, President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia and member of the WFDB Executive Committee who was instrumental in forming the Young Diamantaires group, said, “I am incredibly proud of the commitment and effort this group has shown in launching this campaign. The YDs have built an amazing community which is growing incrementally, and they are contributing from their own pockets before asking from others. The hashtag #morethanadiamond has been synonymous with the YDs, which is a statement of their commitment to supporting the industry and the wider community.”

Yoram Dvash, WFDB Acting President, said “We are happy to see the younger generation of diamantaires seek ways to build on the rich legacy of this industry and to demonstrate an important social commitment. The WFDB is dedicated to leading our industry, both in terms of public responsibility and commercial necessity in the most challenging times.”

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