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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses Becomes First Trading Platform to Introduce Provenance section

ALROSA polished diamonds will pioneer the Provenance section

Antwerp, November 4, 2020 – Get-Diamonds, the world’s largest online marketplace for B2B diamond trading, will be the first platform to introduce a Provenance section, where only fully traceable diamonds will be listed. The ALROSA Provenance program will be the first to offer polished diamonds with proven guarantees of origin within this section. The ALROSA program provides buyers with access to a fully traceable, wide range of goods produced by ALROSA from its own rough, mined with in full accordance with the strictest ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) standards.

Get-Diamonds marketplace, established by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), allows trade customers to search and buy polished diamonds from thousands of diamond suppliers, including the world’s largest producers.

Get-Diamonds is the first platform to introduce the Provenance category. It will provide not only polished diamonds’ characteristics, but also detailed information about the origins of the rough diamonds they were created from, starting from the mine. This will give the B2B platform a unique competitive advantage in answering customer demand for goods with full traceability.

For the modern customer, who prefers more responsible and informed consumption, ethical and ecological standards have become some of the most important criteria when deciding on the purchase of goods. Diamonds polished by ALROSA, the leading vertically integrated producer in the global diamond industry, are especially suited to meet these criteria. ALROSA offers buyers a maximum level of guarantees on its diamonds’ provenance, along with a wide range of products.

“ALROSA’s product mix is different to what can be seen on the market,” says Dmitry Amelkin, Head of Strategy of ALROSA. “The company has a full production cycle from mining to cutting and polishing, all in Russia. We naturally trace all of our diamonds internally starting from the rough stone at the mine and ending with the polished diamond at our manufacturing facility. These diamonds have full provenance guarantee and the buyer can be assured of the strictest compliance with all local and international standards in ecology, sustainability, corporate and social responsibility”.

Every diamond polished by ALROSA is accompanied by a digital ALROSA Diamond Passport. This document proves the origin of the diamond and provides comprehensive data about both polished and rough diamonds and relevant imagery.

Kim E. Pelletier, CEO of, said, “Today’s consumers, and especially the younger ones are interested in learning the story of the diamond they buy. They want to follow its journey – from the depths of the earth to the finished gem. It makes the diamond so much more than just a stone; it becomes a piece of their bridal journey history. It was clear to us that Get-Diamonds, which is the youngest and most innovative of the online trading platforms, must innovate a Provenance section to answer this need. I’m particularly excited that Get-Diamonds provides a platform for Independent Retail Jewelers around the world, to access the diamonds that might not otherwise be available to them in their hometowns.”


ALROSA in 2020 remained a constituent of the global FTSE4Good index. The company also has a BB rating in the MSCI ESG rating system that assesses environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. Moreover, the company is in the top 10 of the environmental responsibility rating of Russian mining companies developed on the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia and the UNDP / GEF project of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. In 2019, the company received the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) award for implementing social projects in the regions where it operates (Community Stewardship).

ALROSA’s social investments in 2019 alone exceeded $185 million (RUB 12 billion), including contributions to pension programs, regional development programs, corporate social programs for employees and their families, as well as to more than 500 social and charity initiatives. Spending on environmental projects exceeded $108 million (RUB 7 billion).

About Get Diamonds

Get Diamonds, backed and supported by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), is the world’s largest B2B online diamond marketplace. The Get Diamonds online trading platform allows trade members access to a large volume and variety of diamonds. Consisting of over 4,000 registered suppliers, all in good standing with WFDB-affiliated diamond exchanges. Get Diamonds lists 1.3 million stones, worth over $5.8 billion. There are 25,000 registered buyers from around the world. Get Diamonds is powered by Lucy Platforms, a leading developer of e-commerce platforms for the diamond industry.