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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

WFDB Takes the Lead

Dear Friends,

Lately, we have been dealing with some very important matters on behalf of the WFDB, which has raised the profile of the organization, and which are likely to have a significant impact going forward. 

Partnership with NDC

First, we have formed a partnership with the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), to jointly support the growth of the industry.  We believe that more stakeholders need to strategically invest in the industry, and we greatly value the unique role of the NDC in bringing the story of natural diamonds to consumers.

Therefore, in addition to making an initial financial investment, the WFDB will work with the NDC to identify ways in which the values of natural diamonds can reach more consumers. As we all know, today’s consumers have more choices than ever and are heavily influenced by social media and digital platforms. It is crucial to present the natural diamond industry in a creative and authentic way, and the NDC is successfully doing just that.

Taking the lead against Christie’s Nazi-tied auction

I am proud to say that the WFDB has led the diamond and jewelry industry in expressing outrage at Christie’s sale of the Horten jewels, which were tainted by Horten’s Nazi ties and plunder of Jewish wealth. In a letter to Christie’s on May 5, 2023, on behalf of the WFDB Executive Board, I requested that the major portion of the earnings from this sale be donated by Christie’s to charities supporting the welfare of Holocaust survivors, as well as commemoration and education. I also requested that the amount of the contribution and the recipient organizations be made public.

Following our letter other organizations joined the outcry, and we are currently coordinating efforts to ensure that this campaign will have maximum impact and the desired outcome. 

I will continue to update you on both matters.

Warm regards to all,
Yoram Dvash

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