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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

President’s Letters – 4th April 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

These are historic times indeed. The world markets have slowed down dramatically in almost every area. Our great industry is no different. Human contact lies at the heart of our business and is a necessity for diamond trade worldwide; but, unfortunately, presently, we have to bear with the call for social distancing.

But there is reason to be optimistic. It appears that where the coronavirus pandemic is concerned, we may be approaching the end of the tunnel in many countries. And it seems that many countries are making great efforts to take the path back to normalcy and renew economic activity. Several Governments are taking active steps to help the business community to move ahead.

In the coming months, much like nature begins to uncurl and unfurl itself in spring after a long winter, the world too will slowly emerge from its enforced period of hibernation. We should be ready to face the new world. To take our rightful place in the emerging new normal era. And I am sure the diamond industry will do so with elan.

In the new post COVID-19 era it will be essential for the entire diamond industry, across the value chain to join hands for the benefit of the trade. From miners through the manufacturers and traders down to the jewellery manufacturers and retailers. Here, I would also include all the stakeholders of the industry, particularly the financial institutions and the banks which have been an important factor in our growth and development so far. I look for their continued understanding, support and partnership going forward.

We, in the diamond industry, too need to prepare ourselves for this phase. After many consultations during the last month, we decided to launch an on-line transparent platform for the benefit of the worldwide diamond trade. We called it Get Diamonds. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you the news that Get Diamonds, WFDB’s very own Diamond Trading Platform, has fast consolidated its position as the largest trading platform and is going from strength to strength!

April 27 marked an important milestone in the development of Get Diamonds as it was the day when the Chinese version of the site was unveiled. Soon, we will also have Russian and Arabic versions too. No doubt this will help us increase our reach significantly.

I am particularly happy to tell you that the number of registered buyers as well as registered suppliers has also grown by leaps and bounds. I am confident that the numbers will only increase in the weeks and months ahead.

Already we are receiving very encouraging feedback. Industry veteran Lawrence Ma, Founding President and Chairman of Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited; and many of us have sent out letters expressing support for Get Diamonds. I wish to extend my heartfelt thank you to everyone for standing by the Federation in this historic venture.

Meanwhile, stay safe my colleagues and friends.

I will keep you updated on developments and initiatives introduced by us.

Best Regards
Yoram Dvash
Acting President

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