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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

Honorary Officers


Honorary Officers

The WFDB recognizes former officers who have made a significant contribution to the organization by granting them honorary positions, which they hold for life. In their honorary capacity, these officers continue to play an essential in the organization, contributing their valuable knowledge, experience and capabilities.

Honorary Officers banner
Eli Izhakoff

Mr. Eli Izhakoff

Honorary President

Shmuel Schnitzer

Mr. Shmuel Schnitzer

Honorary President

Avi paz

Mr. Avi Paz

Honorary President

Mr. Ernie Blom

Honorary President

Julien Drybooms

Mr. Julien Drybooms

Honorary Vice-President

Michael H. Vaughan

Mr. Michael H. Vaughan

Honorary Secretary-General

Dieter Hahn

Mr. Dieter Hahn

Honorary Treasurer-General


Deceased Honorary Officers

The WFDB pays tribute to the Honorary Officers who are no longer with us, who contributed so much to the establishment and development of this organization and to the entire world diamond industry. May their memory be a blessing.

Honorary Life Presidents

Honorary Life Vice-President

Honorary Life Secretary-General