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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

Officials & Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee directs and enforces the policies of the WFDB according to resolutions passed by Congresses and Presidents’ Meetings and has the authority to give them proper effect.

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee in order to enhance the promotion of the WFDB on various levels, such as via social media, the website and more.


The Judicial Committee is responsible for all legal matters relating to the WFDB, such as international arbitration issues. The Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and the affiliated bourses to amend the WFDB Laws and Inner Rules.

Trade & Business Committee

The Trade and Business committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee concerning industry relations with financial institutions worldwide, lab-grown diamonds, Know Your Customer and the System of Warranties.

Honorary Officers banner

The WFDB recognizes former officers who have made a significant contribution to the organization by granting them honorary positions, which they hold for life. In their honorary capacity, these officers continue to play an essential in the organization, contributing their valuable knowledge, experience and capabilities.


The World Federation of Diamond Bourses is managed by a small cadre of dedicated people. The President is responsible for setting forth his vision for the organization and for its implementation, as approved by the Executive Committee.