Lockheed Martin Files Patent for Synthetic Diamond 3D Printer

US aerospace company Lockheed Martin has filed a patent for a new kind of 3D printer.

The patent, filed on April 4 by inventor David G. Findley, describes a new way of 3D printing which would use a pre-ceramic polymer and nanoparticle filler to create synthetic diamond objects of just about any shape, says a report in www.3dprintingindustry.com.

Excelsior to Provide Liquidity to Diamond and Jewelry Industry

Excelsior Capital Ventures (ECV) LLC is to provide "substantial liquidity" to the mid-stream diamond and jewelry industry. The New York based firm, founded by Nehal Modi, said it expects to begin lending operations on October 3 and will provide loans secured by diamond and precious metal inventories, according to a statement. Modi said, "We are in an environment where the diamond and jewelry industry is experiencing a significant contraction in lending. There is a dire need for new capital and greater liquidity in order to expand the companies and industry at large."

WDM Publishes World Diamond Magazine No. 8

The eighth issue of the World Diamond Magazine will be online here http://www.worlddiamondmark.org/world-diamond-magazine ) from August 8 onwards. Since we published the first issue in September 2014, the WDMagazine’s print run has grown to 7,000 copies which are distributed at industry events, major international trade shows and by direct mailing.

The New Normal?

By Ya'akov Almor

Recent world events, in particular the horrific terrorist attacks in Rouen, Munich, Nice, and earlier in Brussels, Istanbul and Tel Aviv, the war in Syria, leave us all wondering if we ever will return to normalcy.

BrilliAnt®, 8th Edition of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, Goes International

The Antwerp Diamond Bourse, The Antwerp Diamond Club, The Antwerp Diamond Kring and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) have announced that BrilliAnt®, the 8th edition of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (January 29-31, 2017), is opening its doors to international exhibitors.

The Diamond Kring’s beautiful trading hall, located at the heart of Antwerp, will host foreign exhibitors (not based in Antwerp) for the first time.

World Diamond Museum appoints Noga Raved as Coordinator

The Facets of Mankind - The World Diamond Museum has appointed Noga Raved as its Coordinator.

Raved, who is the WDMuseum’s first full time staff member, is the former Curator of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, in Ramat Gan and has 15 year of museum directing and curating behind her.

WDM Holds Meeting on Consumer Website, Digital Marketing and First Consumer-Oriented Social Media Campaign

The World Diamond Mark core team held its bi-monthly meeting in Israel on July 16-17, to work on the framework of the consumer website and to set up its digital marketing programmes, and in particular to prepare the WDM's first consumer-oriented social media campaign.

Together with its digital marketing specialists, the team hammered out the details of its digital strategies, and defined the content for the WDM's consumer-oriented websites which will be launched under the domain names passion.diamonds and trust.diamonds.

World Diamond Mark introduces Retailer Opinion Poll

The World Diamond Mark (WDM) has released its WDM Retailer Opinion Poll, which is available online and in print, to determine what services retailer jewellers need most in their stores to advance generic diamond promotion to the consumer public.

The poll asks retailers to rank the type of services they wish to access in the field of promotion, education, business services and industry coordination, among other issues.