Rami Baron Chairs Meeting of Young Diamantaires at London Diamond Bourse

Rami Baron, President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia and Young Diamantaires Association (YDA) founder, chaired a meeting of the YDA at the London Diamond Bourse (LDB) earlier this month.                                                                              

The meeting was organized by LDB President Alan Cohen and coordinated by board member David Troostwyk.

First Israel Diamond Week in Shanghai Signals New Era of Cooperation

A new era of cooperation between the Israeli and Chinese diamond industries will be launched this week, when the first Israel Diamond Week opens in Shanghai on July 16.

Jointly organized by the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE), the event will take place at the SDE from July 16 - 18, 2019. This is the first time that Israeli diamantaires have been officially invited to exhibit their goods to SDE members.

India Brings In Code For Synthetic Rough Imports

India has introduced an import classification code solely for lab-grown rough diamonds, enabling the industry to keep better watch of synthetics entering the country.

De Beers Group Progresses ‘Moving Giants’ Elephant Conservation Initiative

The De Beers Group has announced the second translocation of elephants from its Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve (VLNR) in South Africa to Zinave National Park in Mozambique.

The first herds of elephants were corralled at the VLNR on 25 June, before making their journey by road some 1,700km where they were released at Zinave on 27 June. The final herds arrived at Zinave today, bringing the total number of elephants moved in 2019 to 53.

Rio Tinto Showcases Its Rare Red And Pinks At Mine Site Preview

Rio Tinto has unveiled its annual showcase of the world’s rarest pink and red diamonds in an exclusive preview at the Argyle mine site in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The 64-diamond collection, including three Fancy Red diamonds and weighing 56.28 carats in total, make up the 2019 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

Visitors to JCK praise Presidium’s quality testing devices

Presidium, a manufacturer of diamond and gemstone testing devices, returned from the recent JCK show in Las Vegas, USA, reporting wide interest in its industry-leading products from both new and existing customers.

The SDS II by Presidium has been ASSURE tested and delivered 100% accuracy on the synthetic diamond referral rate. This new commendation drove a lot of interest from visitors to the show, who were keen to find out more about the device, which is currently the only ASSURE tester that retails for less than US$1,000.

Israel Diamond Exchange Welcomes 171 New Members

The Israel Diamond Exchange marked an important event last week which is not something that can be at all taken for granted – 171 new members joining the Israel Diamond Exchange, the IDE said on its Facebook page.

"The global diamond industry is faced with many challenges and this is a time when all the world's diamond centers are shrinking," said IDE President Yoram Dvash. "So it is all the more significant that it is at this time many and unusual new members are joining our ranks. 

IDE Launches “I Love Natural Diamonds” Campaign to Differentiate Real from Fake

Ramat Gan, Israel, July 1, 2019: The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is launching a global awareness campaign today to highlight the unique and extraordinary features of natural diamonds. The campaign will consist of several short videos to be released over the next several weeks and which will be promoted through social media. The message of the campaign is “In a fake world, real things are rare,” and tells the story of the natural diamond: its singularity, astounding beauty, natural creation, geological age and immeasurable value. The videos end with the tag line “I love natural diamonds.”