Historic Documents Tell Story of Cutting of Cullinan Diamond For Crown Jewels

The historic legal agreement that facilitated the cutting of the world’s largest diamond and created diamonds that form part of the Crown Jewels and the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is going up for sale in London later this month (30 April 2019).

Bonhams is selling the original manuscript copy, dated 29 January 1908, of the ‘Agreement for the Inspection of the Cullinan Diamond’ between the representatives of King Edward VII and London diamond brokers M.J Levy & Nephews. This document brokered the cutting of the 3,106 carat diamond – still the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever discovered – by the renowned Asscher Company in Amsterdam to create the nine principal Cullinan Diamonds that today form part of the Crown Jewels of Great Britain and the collection of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

IDE to Build the Tallest Tower in Israel

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) plans to build a 120-story tower within the Diamond Exchange complex. The tower will be the tallest in Israel and one of the 10 tallest buildings in the world.

The building will expand the size of the Diamond Exchange complex to 800,000 sqm, from the 100,000 sqm it currently occupies. Some of the new area will be allocated for use by bourse members, and the rest will be leased to other business entities.

National Bank of Fujairah opens new office in Antwerp Diamond District

The National Bank of Fujairah, a bank with years of experience in the diamond sector in Dubai, is opening a representative office in Antwerp. The bank selected Antwerp as the place to expand its activities in the diamond industry.

RJC Taking Part in American Gem Society’s Annual Conclave

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) will be participating in the American Gem Society’s (AGS) annual Conclave from April 8-10 in Seattle.

This year’s Conclave features internationally-renowned speakers, 13 networking events and a schedule of 90+ breakout sessions designed to give attendees the skills and tools they need to increase sales and brand awareness, the RJC said.

De Beers Providing Enhanced Transparency With “Diamonds From DTC” Provenance

De Beers Group has announced that it is to support the diamond trade in providing enhanced transparency regarding diamonds purchased from its Sight sales by introducing a “diamonds from DTC” source of origin claim*.

GIA Updates Education Materials and Grading Reports for Lab-Growns

Following the recent update to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Jewelry Guides, GIA has revised its education materials supporting its core consumer protection mission and updated its grading reports for laboratory-grown diamonds to align with the revised guides.

GIA Introduces New Diamond Country of Origin Reports

On April 30, GIA will introduce the GIA Diamond Origin Report service which will confirm the country of origin of polished diamonds. To be eligible for this new service, the original rough diamonds and resulting polished diamonds must be submitted to GIA for analysis so that they can be matched to each other and to confirm the origin information provided by the participating mining company.

KP Diamond Experts Calls for Use of 8-Digit National Codes

The Kimberley Process (KP) Working Group of Diamond Experts (WGDE) has called on all KP participants to introduce 8-digit National Codes to differentiate between (rough) synthetic diamonds and other synthetic gemstones until the introduction of Harmonized System (HS) Edition 2022 on January 1, 2022.