DDC Hosts Successful Israel Diamond Week

This week, the Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) welcomed the Israel Diamond Exchange and its members for the annual Israel Diamond Week at the DDC. As in the past, members of both bourses exhibited their goods on the DDC’s state-of-the-art trading floor at the International Gem Tower in Manhattan. The DDC is creating trading opportunities in today’s market by welcoming international diamantaires to trade at the largest bourse in the U.S.

“Our goal when we first started hosting these interbourse shows was always to create an avenue for our members to get to know one another and to pave the way for future business between members of bourses all over the world,” DDC President, Mr. Reuven Kaufman, stated. “Orders and sales that are made at the show are a bonus to the invaluable relationships and contacts that form, and are revitalized, during the DDC Diamond Weeks.”

“The show is a very convenient way for us to see a lot of companies from all over the world who are very interested in selling and set fair prices,” said DDC Secretary, Mr. Elliot Krischer of Esskay Gems. “We bought a lot of goods. We discovered new companies who we now are buying from and [can] continue relationships on one-to-one basis [with companies] who we usually don’t see.”

The general feeling from the exhibitors at The Israel Diamond Week was that it was an excellent opportunity to promote their businesses and make new connections. Koby Saadon of Meir Elia Diamonds added that as “we are approaching the end of the year and the holiday season it was an excellent time to come to New York.” Amit Volk of Korn Diamonds said he was thankful the IDE and DDC continues to hold this annual event because “during these special and difficult times it’s even more important to continue creating new connections and opportunities.” He concluded that he “hopes that for next year’s edition, we meet even more buyers and new faces in the industry.”

Mr. Ezra Boaron, Chairman of Exhibitions for the Israel Diamond Exchange, thanked the DDC for continuing its efforts to enhance the industry and offering opportunities to strengthen the diamond industry at large.