ALROSA - DIAMOND INSPECTOR Shows High Results In ASSURE Testing Program

The first Russian portable instrument for diamond verification - ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR - showed high results in the ASSURE testing, performed by the independent laboratory UL Verification Services, Inc. in Boston (USA), ALROSA reported.

"Due to three optical methods of analysis, ease of use and low cost in comparison with analogs, the Russian device suits retail shops, pawnshops, distributors, gemological laboratories, jewelry manufacturers."

The testing was held in July 2019 as a part of the ASSURE Program of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA). This program aims at the development and application of unified standard evaluation of the effectiveness of tools and special equipment for diamond identification.

In total, almost 1,400 samples were involved in the ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR testing process, including natural I/II type diamonds, synthetic diamonds, among them samples unavailable on the market, which were grown by using the most advanced technologies, and

non-diamond imitations (cubic zirconias, moissanites etc.).

Moreover, UL Verification Services, Inc. lab specialists tested over 20 devices of various manufacturers, dividing them into three groups. ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR uses three optical method of identification, so that it can separate natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds and from non-diamond imitations (simulants). ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR was referred to the third group of devices with the broadest functionality.

Rating accuracy

According to the results of testing, ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR showed an almost 100% result in detecting natural diamonds (96.4%), accurately referred synthetic diamonds (100%) and was the only device that showed a 100% result in detecting non-diamond imitations (simulants).


ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR belongs to the category of portable devices with the dimensions of 15 * 25 * 10 cm and weight of 1.8 kg in a plastic case and 3.1 kg in a metal case.


Testing of stones in ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR is carried out manually. An analysis of one stone takes 45 seconds, after which the instrument automatically interprets the results using a complex mathematical algorithm for spectral analysis and gives a ready answer on the screen.

ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR can analyze both loose and mounted stones. It does not require gemological knowledge.

Stone parameters

ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR can analyze natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds and non-diamond imitations (simulants) of any shape. The device analyzes stones in a size range from 0.03 to 10 carats and a color range from D to J (colorless and near colorless). It should be noted that these ranges are the most frequent in the retail jewelery.


The price of ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR ($5,799) is significantly lower than the price of analogs.

ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR turned out to be the only portable device among tested that uses three methods for identifying diamonds at once. It can be said with a high degree of confidence that the combination of its characteristics - comprehensive and accurate analysis, portability, ease of use and low price - makes ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR an optimal tool for retail stores, pawnshops, distributors, gemological laboratories, jewelry manufacturers. Such devices can be easily installed even in small stores. Anyone is able to check the jewelry right on the spot and make sure that the diamond installed in it is not synthetic or fake, but natural. The device is a reliable tool for protecting the market of natural diamonds.

Pictured: Vladimir Sklyaruk, CEO of Diamond NTC LLC, the manufacturer of ALROSA DIAMOND INSPECTOR.