Bharat Diamond Bourse getting into high gear for Diamond Week

The Bharat Diamond Bourse is getting into high gear ahead of the Bharat Diamond Week at the exchange which runs from October 14-16.

Priority will be given to visitors who are members of bourses affiliated to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), but all members of the diamond trade across the world are welcome to participate.

Registration for the BDW has opened, with scores of companies from India and across the world already registered. The 2019 BDW follows the first two such diamond fairs held last year, and will host delegations of buyers from China, Australia, and various Asian countries, which will greatly increase the number of visitors and buyers taking part, the BDB said.

BDB Vice-President Mehul Shah said: “We will be hosting delegations of foreign buyers as well as buyers from Israel, Dubai, some European countries and India. Our Guest of Honour will be the President of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) Lin Qiang who is also the Vice President of WFDB. He will be leading a delegation of members from the SDE, and he will open the fair. I believe this is another step in broadening our links with the Shanghai Diamond Exchange which is an important part of the global diamond family."

As with the two previous shows, the Bharat Diamond Bourse will provide selected buyers with complimentary hotel accommodation.

BDB President Anoop Mehta said: “The Bharat Diamond Week provides members of the BDB with the opportunity to show the world the very large range of diamonds it can supply. We want to connect buyers and suppliers in a comfortable and relaxed environment in order to save them time and money. We will be allocating around 150 complementary hotel rooms for foreign buyers, so I would suggest that members of the diamond industry in India and worldwide register straight away."                                                

Each Indian company that wins the right to display at the Bharat Diamond Week is entitled to one booth.

Trading of synthetic or lab-grown diamonds is banned in the BDB, so no such diamonds will be traded at the BDW.