Diamond Producers Association Reports On Diamonds Carbon Footprint

The Diamond Producers Association has released a specially commissioned report on the reality of modern diamond mining which reveals its positive impact on local communities, challenges stereotypes and identifies areas for further improvement.

It is an independent research report on the impact on local communities, employees and the environment of the work of DPA members - the 7 largest diamond mining firms in the world.

Authored by Trucost, part of S&P Global, and entitled The Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of Large-Scale Diamond Mining, it is the world’s first comprehensive analysis of the contributions of DPA members, examining socioeconomic and environmental benefits and impacts.

Among other findings, the report states reveals that DPA Members generate more than US$16 billion in net socioeconomic and environmental benefits through their diamond mining operations. Furthermore, the report also finds that most of these benefits are pumped into communities through local employment, sourcing of goods and services, taxes and royalties, social programs and infrastructure investment. The report also uncovers that DPA members pay employees and contractors on average 66% above national average salaries and that companies focus extensively on employee training to ensure a highly-skilled workforce.

"I would like this report to be as widely circulated as possible since it shows the good that diamonds do in a very clear way," said WFDB President Ernie Blom. "This is a message we have been pushing for some time, and this report shows that, contrary to the dubious advertising claims of the synthetic diamond industry, diamonds create enormous benefits for people on the ground across Africa and elsewhere. Furthermore, the report also shows the efforts the diamond industry makes in reducing its environmental impact.

We are all ambassadors for diamonds and the good they do, and this report gives significant independent backing for our case."

You can read the full report here