Motivated Board Keeps Diamond Club West Coast Punching Above Its Weight

One of the WFDB's most active diamond bourses, particularly in light of the number of its members, is the Diamond Club West Coast Inc in Los Angeles.

Club President Moshe Salem, Co-Vice-President Mervyn Hahn, and board members are rightly proud of the wide range of activities the Club holds on a regular basis, along with a dynamic weekly newsletter.

"It's all about showing members that there is real value in belonging to the club by organizing regular meetings," says Moshe Salem. "If there is no added value, then members lose motivation in being involved. That's why we are always looking to encourage all kinds of meetings, especially with outside groups and organizations."

Mervyn Hahn agreed, saying: "We are very proud of our achievements at the club. Being a 'small' club in the big scheme of clubs, we are a motivated club. I am sure the motivation begins with the Board of Directors (BoD). All of the BoD take their 'job' seriously which is a rarity in my experience. I believe the secret is voting the youth into board positions.

"In today's times, we needed to re-invent the club to answer today's issues. Our membership committee, responsible for the great increase of members is constantly looking for ways to increase membership, either through a membership drive or encouraging membership from others than diamond dealers, such as retailers, watch dealers, colored stone dealers and others.

"Social activities are of vital importance as far as I am concerned. We strive to have at least one social activity each month, in addition to our regular Club luncheon.

"Then there is our newsletter which is compiled weekly, and members actually look forward to it. It always goes out the same day of the week and we never skip a week. That's commitment! In addition, our new website will be released in a few months, so look out for it."

"We also encourage regular trading days at the club by inviting pawnshop and second-hand jewelry dealers to visit. This gives our members the potential to buy at discounted prices. Having the latest Diamond Testing equipment has also been a boost for our members. Our machines are being used most of the day."

The Club's latest activities included a holiday party with an impressive list of prizes in a raffle, and a "hybrid auction" where members were invited to offer goods for sale organized by Co-Vice President Kalpesh Jhaveri.

DCWC has at least one luncheon per month for its members, usually sponsored by an entity that wishes to promote their business and offer group deals to DCWC members. Over the years, DCWC members have been offered discounted prices on a variety of items such as: industry software, trade show participation, personal and block insurance policies, shipping rates, and much more.

In addition, the Club recently enacted an “open mic luncheon” (at least once a year), where luncheon members are given the opportunity to address the entire membership with their thoughts, requests, complaints, ideas for improvements, or anything else that they wish to talk about, that is of interest to DCWC. "This definitely increases the participation of members and involvement in the organization!" said Moshe Salem.

"When members see that the Board is making an effort to create interest, it rubs off on them and they feel encouraged to be part of the process which then, in turn, leads to ideas for more events. If there is a secret to the Club's success, then this is it. We are always interested in ideas that create a cohesive and united club and that make it fun to be a part of. Our members show interest and get involved; they join the committees, share ideas, suggest improvements and get to work. 2018 was a record year for DCWC in every aspect! Our young generation membership grew, committees were formed, events and activities are more frequent, our weekly Newsletter has an amazing “Open and Click Rate”, our members are constantly increasing trading with each other, and membership grew by nearly 40 percent. We look forward to continuing success in 2019 and wish our members – as well as our colleagues around the world – a happy holiday season and New Year."


DCWC Board of Directors

Moshe Salem/President

Mervyn Hahn/VP also oversees operation of various committees

Kalpesh Jhaveri/VP also oversees operation of various committees

Rahul Parikh/Treasurer

Vatche Shirkjian/Secretary, Chairperson of Political & Civic, IT & Digital, Synthetic Diamonds Committees

Tony Ayvazian/Chairperson Residents Committee, member Social & Business Committee, Election Committee

Doron Auslander/Floor Committee, Membership Committee

Gaby Bachoura/Chairperson Business and Trade Committee, member Social Committee

Setu Doshi/Member of Trading, Digital and Luncheon Committees

Avida Giloh/Chairperson Delinquent Accounts Committee

Steve Korshak/ Member Delinquent Accounts Committee

Vipul Udani/Chairperson Membership Committee, member of Luncheon Committee

Lisa Wiener/Chairperson Newsletter, Young Generation and Social Committees


DCWC Honoree Board Members:

Nikhil Jhaveri-Immediate Past President/ Chairperson Financial Control Committee

David Marcus-Past President/Chairperson Floor Committee

Lon Stein/Chairperson Trade Shows Committee