ALROSA Inviting Design Solutions To Resume Production At Mir

ALROSA will hold a contest for design solutions to enable the resumption of diamond mining at the Mir mine where eight workers lost their lives in an accident in August.

Three focus areas for the development of technical solutions to ensure the safety of underground mining operations at the deposit were outlined in a seminar attended by 70 specialists, ALROSA said.

Experts presented 16 reports with more than 30 possible approaches and options for the resumption of mining at the deposit. During the discussion of reports and speeches, the seminar participants outlined three major directions of further development of technical and technological approaches to the safe resumption of mining at the deposit.

ALROSA President Sergey Ivanov said: "Our core task is to ensure the complete safety of operations at Mir deposit, therefore we need a perfect design solution. We will get involved the entire leading scientific community, both Russian and international experts, in the development of the underground mine restoration project. We expect to receive the vision of the future project in the third quarter of next year."