Reorganization planned as Antwerp BrilliAnt fair delayed

The organizers of the BrilliAnt fair in Antwerp have announced the postponement of the ninth edition little more than a month before it was due to be held.

Eight consecutive editions of the show have been held in late January-early February.

The show was called the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair in its first six editions. It was due to take place from January 28 to 30, 2018.

The major trade event is planned many months in advance, along with a gala dinner and other events in the city.

The announcement is likely an indication of the tough competition the fair is facing from the Carat+ show which held its first edition at the Antwerp Expo in May. Next year's Carat+ is scheduled to be held from May 6 to 8.

Organizers of the fair, where diamond companies from Antwerp display their goods to jewelry retailers from across the world in three of Antwerp's four diamond exchanges: the Kring, the Diamond Club of Antwerp and the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, say a bigger fair is being planned.

Organizers of the fair have not provided new dates for the bigger fair.