WDMF Wins Huge Coverage With 60-Carat Yellow Diamond Necklace

The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDMF) took to the stage during the recent Istanbul Jewelry Show, with the public presentation of the Victoria Collier, made by Messika Joaillerie of Paris, that features a 60.06-carat, fancy intense yellow diamond.

The stone is set in a delicate platinum frame that suggests that the stone is almost floating in its setting, and drew the attention of many thousands of visitors during the March 12-15 Istanbul show.Andreia Santos, wearing the Victoria Collier

Organized in cooperation with the Turkish Jewelry Exporters Association (JTR), the WDM diamond promotion activity - courtesy of André Messika Diamonds and Valerie Messika Jewellery - was one of the highlights of the show and attracted huge attention from local and international TV stations and news media.

At the press launch of the Victoria Collier, the jewel was modelled by Andreia Santos, life partner of Vítor Baía, the former goalkeeper of FC Porto, Barcelona and Portugal's national soccer team - who was invited to the fair by the JTR.

While the value of the Victoria Collier was not revealed, experts estimated the retail value at around €4 million. In the evening, during the JTR Gala Dinner, the diva of Turkish song, Candan Ercetin, wore the Victoria Collier during her performance.

The Victoria Collier by Valerie Messika"The World Diamond Mark's chief objective is to promote diamonds in the downstream markets and among consumers," said WDMF Chairman Alex Popov. "As such, we are always on the lookout to create media events that place the diamond in the spotlight.

"Working with our local partners, the JTR, Borsa Istanbul and the HRD, the showcase with the Victoria necklace was positioned at the entrance and was viewed by many thousands of coming through the halls. This was yet another example of a promotional event that generated a lot of attention and consumer media coverage of diamonds and diamond jewelery."