Bourse elections held in Australia and South East United States

Antwerp, October, 2009 - Annual bourse elections were held in both the USA and Australia earlier this month, with both diamond exchanges electing officers and the board of directors for the coming year.

The Diamond Bourse of South East United States’ vote for new officers resulted in David Rosenberg being re-elected as president and Mark Feldman serving as vice president. Derek Parsons fills the position of treasurer and Max Quinones as secretary.  The board of directors includes: Richie Schechter as chairman, John Verdellis, Donni Kaufmann, Art Samuels and Mitch Swerdlow.

Similarly, the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia once again elected Rami Baron as president, with Adam Selikman as vice president. Both serve as treasurers, with James Francis as secretary.  The committee members are as follows:  Paresh Bothra, Shimi Sarusi, Sylvain Mouw and Joakim Opostolos.