First WFDB Interbourse Pavilion to launch at Iberjoya show in September

Antwerp, July 13 - The World Federation of Diamond Bourses will inaugurate its first-ever WFDB Interbourse Pavilion at the Iberjoya trade show in Madrid, Spain, in September. The pavilion, which will function as a diamond trading floor upon which only members of WFDB bourses can exhibit, will be a featured highlight of what is the most important jewellery trade show in the Spanish-speaking world.

The 83 meter-square WFDB Interbourse Pavilion will comprise 14 tables for exhibiting WFDB bourse members, located within an attractively designed and centred display area. The area, which will be widely visible in the show, will be protected by additional security guards and closed circuit cameras. The pavilion will be prominently positioned at the show, with a clearly visible tower, a one metre high perimeter wall and a single entrance, which will be staffed by a hostess. The show takes place at the Feria de Madrid.

Participation is open to the membership of any of the 28 bourses that are affiliated to the WFDB. Because space is limited, preference will be given to those WFDB bourse members who are in possession of the WFDB Mark or are in the process of obtaining a WFDB Mark. A draw for specific tables will take place before the show.

The cost for a table during the five days of the show is € 5,700. But diamond companies can partner. Thus, if two companies share a table, the costs partner would run less than € 3,000.

• Participation in the five-day show (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
• Four exhibitors tags per package.
• 1 table and 3 chairs . Power is supplied to each individual table.
• A small cabinet or cupboard with lock and key, placed under or adjacent to the table, for securing merchandise while working at the table with clients/visitors.
• A security camera and surveillance system that will cover all exhibitor tables. This is an extra security taken because of the character of the pavilion, which seeks create a diamond trading floor at the show.
• Reception area with Spanish/English speaking receptionist/hostess.
• Full time security guard.
• Access to and use of the show's strong room (safe).
• Bottled water.
• A promotion package which includes:

* Press releases about the WFDB Interbourse Pavilion at Iberjoya 2009 in the local and trade press.
* A WFDB Interbourse Pavilion at Iberjoya 2009 advertisement in Spain's leading trade magazine, Gold & Time, listing the name of all participating WFDB bourse members who register and pay before July 25, 2009.
* A listing in the exhibition catalogue under the WFDB Interbourse Pavilion header.

To pre-register for the WFDB Interbourse Pavilion at the Inberjoya Show, click here to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.