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The Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa “DDCSA” was established on 9th December 1941 by a group of 29 devout founders, and at the time the Honorary Life President was bestowed upon Harry. F. Oppenheimer

Recently, due to security concerns, our Club has relocated into three Diamond and Jeweller hubs in three different areas in the city. The registered address is 3 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The membership of our Club comprises of 100 of South Africa’s leading dealers, manufacturers and jewellers, previously over 150 members.  Today we continue to uphold and sustain the high standard of ethics and integrity.

At present we are facing new challenges such as dwindling membership due to an increase in the number of ageing members, high membership fees, and lack of enthusiasm in the industry.  In order to grow into a strong, successful and dynamic Club, we need to approach young dealers in the trade to join the Club and become “young diamantaires” who can inject some forward innovative thinking into the Industry.  With this aim in mind our Think Tank Committee is busy setting up motivational seminars and campaigns, and is looking for new incentives such as lower membership fees.

We have also designed a website for the benefit of our Club members, encouraging advertising and online trading.  To create more awareness of our presence, we have placed large banners in three diamond hubs in the city.  The Club is also currently interacting with Government agencies regarding legislations on export/import tariffs.

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