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For centuries Antwerp has been known as the diamond capitol of the world. Initially, its international harbour at the river Scheldt played an important role in this respect. However, it is the craftmanship of the diamond traders, manufacturers, cleavers and cutters, based in Antwerp and by extension in Flanders, that since more than 500 years has been giving our city a highly important position in the international diamond industry. 

In her capacity of diamond trading bourse, the Diamantclub van Antwerpen, alongside her sister organisations, has made an undeniable contribution in this context.

At the beginning of the 1880s the Antwerp based diamond manufacturers and traders saw the need to establish a fixed meeting place, adapted to their specific professional activities and reserved exclusively to those who would be admitted as a member.

The first meetings and the foundation of the unincorporated association “Diamantclub van Antwerpen” took place in the city center around 1885.

In 1893 the unincorporated association was transformed into a public limited liability company, having its registered seat at 62 Pelikaanstraat. More than 125 years later the registered seat is still located at this address, since 1992 however under the legal form of a cooperative limited liability company. 

The exchange hall and the offices of the Diamantclub were officially inaugurated in 1894, in the presence of Jan Van Rijswijck, the then mayor of Antwerp.

After a few years already the building became too small and it was extended to the Hoveniersstraat. From 1966 to 1969 the premises were nearly entirely replaced by a modern building. Its inauguration was also an opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Diamantclub in the presence of King Baudouin.

Currently, still more than 150 diamond companies are located in our premises. Various committees within the Board of Directors are continuously working on a permanent update of the infrastructure and security mechanisms and facilities, with the purpose of creating a pleasant working environment for tenants and members.

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