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Interview with Sarin Bachmann, Group Vice President, RX jewelry portfolio

Sarin Bachmann

Q. How was this JCK Show in comparison to previous ones?

I am thrilled that JCK 2023 once again surpassed all expectations, radiating a level of strength, energy and positivity that exceeded past events. The atmosphere was electric, with a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation from both exhibitors and attendees alike. JCK 2023 was truly a testament to the resilience and creativity of the jewelry community, and JCK’s position as the pinnacle event for the industry. We can confidently say that this year’s show set a new standard, and we are eagerly anticipating, and already working on, the possibilities and heights that future editions will reach.

Q. How many exhibitors did you have and how many of them were international exhibitors? How did this compare with previous years?

There were about 2000 exhibitors at JCK & Luxury this year, of these 885 were international exhibitors. By comparison, in 2022 we had 1820 exhibitors, with the number of international exhibitors at 745. So this year there was a marked increase.

Q. How many visitors this year? How does this number compare with previous shows?

The number of visitors in 2023 reached over 18,000 in 2023, up 8% from 2022, when the number of visitors stood at 17,000, which matched pre-pandemic levels from 2019.

Q. About diamond exhibitors – how many were there? How many were from abroad? What countries did they represent?

We had about 150 exhibitors in Diamond Plaza, 68 of whom were international including multiple exhibitors from India, Israel, Belgium, Hong Kong, Thailand and a few other countries.

Q. How was the representation of natural vs lab grown diamonds? Where they mainly showing bridal jewelry or a mix?

We had about 100 exhibitors in our Lab Grown pavilion.  There are also many across the show that carry both natural and lab grown. The Lab Grown presence has been growing each year at JCK and they also do a good amount of marketing and sponsorships across the show to increase their visibility. Both natural and lab grown diamonds were well represented at this year’s event. 

Our lab grown pavilion is mostly loose stones. For those who carry lab grown finished jewelry it was mainly bridal jewelry, but some fashion jewelry was also shown with lab grown diamonds.

Q. What do you think that the show this year says about the US jewelry market? Do you think that the demand for jewelry and demand for diamonds will pick up in the second half of the year?

JCK was a very strong show both in attendance and mood, which is a good sign for the rest of the year.  It is hard for me (or anyone) to predict, but at this point, there is no real indication that a major shift in either direction is coming. 

Q. Were sanctions on Russian diamonds, and the expected tougher legislation in this regard, felt at the show?

Many, including DeBeers who unveiled their TracrTM program, were talking more and more about traceability which could be seen as a tool in anticipation of tougher legislation. There were also representatives from the State Department who attended the show and held meetings with key industry players to gain input about the impact on the trade of increased sanctions on Russian origin diamonds.  In addition, we held JCK Talks panels where these issues were discussed as well, you can read more on that in this article U.S. Crackdown on Russian Diamonds Expected to Start Jan. 1 – JCK (

Q. Before COVID there was talk that the future of large jewelry shows was not clear, and that the direction was smaller, specialized boutique shows? What’s your opinion on this?

Recent data from the trade show industry has demonstrated that large-scale trade shows, such as JCK, where the entire industry convenes in a single location once a year, have gained even greater significance in the post-COVID era. The efficiency and effectiveness of gathering all stakeholders together at one time have become more apparent, particularly with the prevalence of remote work and geographical distances that separate companies and individuals. The value of face-to-face interactions for networking, collaboration and conducting business has been magnified, especially within the jewelry industry, where the sensory experience of seeing, touching, and feeling the products significantly influences purchasing decisions. While smaller regional events still have their place, if individuals are compelled to choose only one event to attend, they tend to prioritize those like JCK, which offer the opportunity to accomplish multiple objectives in a single trip.

Q. Does JCK Las Vegas have real competitors in the US market?

While there are several notable US jewelry trade events and conferences, JCK stands as the unrivaled, most important gathering for the jewelry industry. It transcends competition by offering the leading platform for jewelry professionals to connect, discover, innovate and conduct business. JCK’s unique blend of industry expertise, extensive exhibitor base with valued partners from around the globe and diverse range of educational opportunities and events solidify its position as the premier destination for the global jewelry community. Year after year, JCK continues to set the standard for excellence, leaving no doubt that it remains the centerpiece of the jewelry trade show landscape in the US and internationally.

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