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Hong Kong Indian Diamond Association (HKIDA) was incorporated on 4 September 2015 with a strong foundation of 35 founding members.  It is a service platform for businesses dealing in natural diamonds in Hong Kong with the aim to promote the diamond and jewelry business in the local and international community.  We work towards improving relationships and to promote better understanding for our trade amongst all our members together with facilitating them with affiliations within our industry to make the day to day running of our businesses convenient. We have collaborated with trade bodies in our industry (such as Informa, HKJMA and DFHK to name

a few)  as well as  service providers, insurance companies, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority for banking issues, law firms and several other sectors in the business field. 

We regularly educate our members by organizing business seminars related to finance, technologies, banking and Anti-money laundering issues and for creating a database for (KYC/KYS) which is essential in today’s working environment.

We are proud to say that we have over 200 company memberships with us as we strive towards adding many more to build a strong bond and create unity amongst all within our trade. We offer ordinary and associate memberships to facilitate the entire industry.  

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