The WFDB Mark is a trademarked logo, which approved members of World Federation of Diamond Bourse-affiliated diamond exchanges are able to display to clients and suppliers, to confirm that they abide by the World Federation Code of Principles. A bourse member may display the WFDB Mark as long as he or she is in good standing.
A bourse member can display his or her personalized WFDB Mark on business cards, letter paper, advertisements, trade show booths, and in display windows and company offices.

The World Federation’s Code of Principles, or WFCOP, is a set of better business principles, similar to those being promulgated by the DTC and other organizations. Issues addressed include HPHT treatments, conflict diamonds, synthetic diamonds, child labour, health conditions in the workplace, disclosure and non-disclosure, fracture filling, laser drilling, and the removal of laser inscriptions from a girdle.

The WFDB Mark symbol is based upon the WFDB logo. It includes text that indicates it belongs to a registered WFDB bourse member, and it features the member’s registration number. The WFDB Mark includes a brief slogan, listing the three elements that members of the jewellery trade should be reminded of when they see the WFDB Mark: Tradition, Integrity and Accountability.

While a number of organizations have introduced sets of Best Business Principles, almost none have managed the more difficult task of creating systems for auditing, monitoring and enforcement. The WFDB has had such a system in operation for years. Every one of its affiliated bourses has a judicial system in place, and decisions taken at one bourse can be enforced in all of its sister bourses.