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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses

Young Diamantaires


Young Diamantaires

The Young Diamantaires project was launched in 2016 at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai as a discussion group. The WFDB recognized that it needed to create a dialogue with the next generation, and ultimately a pathway for future leaders

Five years on with over 400 members from all around the world, the YDs represent the future generations of the diamond industry. Members come from many different cultures and backgrounds but share a common interest in diamonds as their primary source of income. The YDs accept that transparency and sustainability are not just nice words but must convert into tangible results for them and their customers

These diamantaires from all major diamond centres have identified a need to communicate with each other, taking on challenges and leading the trade into the future with an aim to redefine the industry for generations to come. 

All major trade organizations, such as the National Diamond Council and the Responsible Jewellery Council are keen to engage with the group, to listen and to understand their concerns and needs. The overwhelming positive response showed us at the WFDB that this initiative was long overdue.

The YD initiative was initiated and is managed by Rami Baron, a third-generation family jeweller and President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia. He is a member of the Executive Committee of WFDB and Chairman of the Promotions Committee.

Young Diamantaires

“My goal is to challenge our thinking as an industry. We are facing the most difficult times in 100 years. Today we must look to inspire the next generation and not encumber them with our fears and past failures. In the greatest adversity comes opportunity, by accepting that all the premises that we base our decisions on can and must be challenged, the door is open to empowering women, embracing technology, and understanding that only when we look after those around us and our environment will we once again find the quality of life and business that we all hope to achieve.” – Rami Baron

Three Pillar Of Young Diamantaires

Gender-Neutral Environment

To create a gender-neutral environment where members can learn and develop skills and provide a path for their further contribution.

Powerful Community

To build an informal organization that teaches respect and the power of collaboration with people from all over the world and all the different cultures.

Fund Raising For Good Cause

To raise funds for worthwhile projects for those directly and indirectly involved in the diamond pipeline.