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World Federation Of Diamond Bourses




By the Industry, For the Industry

GET-Diamonds was born on April 23, 2020, out of a grassroots movement within the diamond industry calling for a neutral and independent diamond trading platform. The World Federation of Diamond Bourses quickly took the lead and created a global state-of-the-art platform for trading in natural diamonds. Within weeks GET-Diamonds became a leading player in its field, listing over 1.3 million stones valued in excess of $5.8 billion.

GET-Diamonds is a not-for-profit organization owned by the WFDB. With its slogan “By the Industry, For the Industry”, GET is dedicated to strengthening the trade, not profit from it. GET-Diamonds’ board is comprised of Presidents of the bourses in the major trading centers around the world, as well as industry leaders from key diamond companies.

Get Diamonds

From brokers and small wholesalers to the world’s largest diamond companies, the more than 4,600 supplier members of GET-Diamonds include a complete cross-section of the trade, signifying a major advantage for the over 20,000 registered buyers.

Three Pillar Of Get-Diamonds


GET has the broadest network of members, built on the WFDB’s vast and incomparable international network of diamond companies.


As a not-for-profit, GET contributes to the advancement of the global diamond industry. Profits generated are invested in the betterment of the industry.


GET is dedicated to being the most user-friendly, powerful and feature-rich trading platform. It is focused on creating a results-driven platform based on members’ feedback.