De Beers Revenue Slips in 2017, Growth in Consumer Diamond Jewelry Demand

De Beers' total revenue declined by 4% to $5.8 billion (2016: $6.1 billion) – as expected, given the benefit of strong midstream restocking in the first half of 2016, the miner reported.

Strong Rough Antwerp Market Tail Wind Boosts Antwerp Rough Diamond Days

The 9th edition of Antwerpsche Diamantkring’s Antwerp Rough Diamond Days on February 14 got off to a strong start with rough sales taking place at a brisk pace on the opening day.

Keen interest was shown by visiting Israeli and Indian buyers as well as by local Antwerp dealers and cutters at the event which concluded on February 15.

Synthetic Diamond Manufacturers 'Lying To Millennials'

“Many laboratory-grown diamond companies describe their diamonds as being green or eco-friendly and use words such as ‘greenhouse’ or ‘foundry’ to try and influence opinion," said Arslanian Group MD, Sahag Arslanian during the Mining Indaba in South Africa last week in a panel discussion on diamonds. "They are also being told that [synthetic] diamonds are real diamonds without the human or environmental impact. This is misrepresentation.

De Beers May Prospect in Eyes Zimbabwe, Congo After Gaining South Africa Permits

De Beers may look into mining prospects in Zimbabwe and in the Democratic Republic of Congo after resuming exploration for diamonds in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Botswana Rough Diamond Exports Down 17% To $4B Last Year

Botswana's rough diamond exports dropped 17% on the year to about $4 billion in 2017, according to data from the central bank.

The decline for the year in the world’s second-largest diamond producing country in both volume and value terms overall was due to lower demand in the second half of the year.

India's Diamond Industry Suffers as Import Tax On Polished Rises

The Indian diamond industry will have to adjust to higher taxes after the government announced a rise in import taxes on polished diamonds to 5% from 2.5%.

The tax will be on natural and laboratory-grown polished diamonds and colored gemstones.

US Lab-Grown Firm Creates Six-Carat Round CVD Diamond

WD Lab Grown Diamonds announced that it has created a six-carat round diamond "that now stands as the world's only known lab- made CVD diamond of its size and shape" using its patented technology.

Israel Diamond Exchange Launches Official Partnership with Alibaba.com

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has launched a partnership with Alibaba.com, making it the first diamond bourse to offer polished diamonds and diamond jewelry on the platform, directly from the source.