Idar-Oberstein Provides Spectacular Backdrop To ExCo Meeting

By Albert Robinson

WFDB Communications and Media Consultant

When WFDB Treasurer Dieter Hahn sent me an email out of the blue in the early days of July inviting me to take part in the WFDB Executive Committee meeting to be hosted by the German Diamond and Gemstone Bourse in Idar-Oberstein, I was delighted to be able to accept the invitation. "It will definitely be worth your while to attend," Dieter rather cryptically teased me.

DDC Announces New Initiative To Safeguard Diamond Transactions

The Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) of New York has announced a new initiative to expand its arbitration program in an effort to help increase the security of diamond and jewelry transactions. For the first time, by putting an acceptable arbitration clause into their memos, invoices, or on their letterhead, DDC members will be able to use DDC arbitration to resolve disputes about transactions with non-members.

London Diamond Bourse Announces Report Checker

Further to the GIA’s statement last week notifying the diamond trade of 1,042 invalidated grading reports, the London Diamond Bourse has prepared a simple report checker which will easily flag any stones that should be sent to GIA for further examination.

The London Diamond Bourse is happy to share its checker with members of the diamond trade on request, its Chief Operating Officer, Victoria MacKay said.

Diamond Producers Association Appoints Lieberherr, Lussier and Morrison to Top Jobs

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has appointed Jean-Marc Lieberherr as Chairman of the organization, and Stephen Lussier as Vice-chair, both with immediate effect. 

The DPA has also appointed of Sally Morrison as Managing Director of Marketing, with effect from October 19.

Art Encapsulates History, Culture And Preserves Value — It Should Enfold Diamonds Too

Times are rough for the diamond industry. Matters have been going from bad to worse and it seems the end of this downturn is still not in sight.

I am tempted to write a “we told you so” piece or launch into a diatribe telling you, “We know the answer to the problem!” The truth of the matter is that taking any of those positions would be presumptuous, as nobody has all the answers and I do not think anybody could have predicted the present market situation.


Global Diamond Industry Has Leadership Framework — We Must Help Ourselves

In this article, WFDB President Ernie Blom responds to a post published on https://gemkonnect.wordpress.com/ by Russell Mehta, Managing Director of Rosy Blue India Pvt. Ltd.

Last Tuesday, Russell Mehta, one of the leaders of the Indian and the world diamond industry, published an excellent blog ‘Collective Leadership: Crisis of The Hour For The Diamond Industry’, in which he singled out the lack of collective leadership in tackling the big issues as the biggest problem facing us all today.

Rio Tinto Diamonds To Stage First Direct Rough Tender in Mumbai

The new Special Notified Zone (SNZ) of Mumbai's Bharat Diamond Bourse will be hosting the first-ever tender of Rio Tinto Diamonds.

The rough diamonds up for sale at the event to be staged at the end of November will be from Rio Tinto Diamonds' Argyle mine in Australia and the Diavik mine in Canada's North West Territories.

Israel Diamond Exchange Preparing For First 'Rough October Fest'

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) will be hosting a number of rough diamond tenders and sales during October in the Ramat Gan diamond trading complex.

In addition to rough diamond tenders and auctions held by Rio Tinto, De Beers Auction Sales and Tzoffey's 1818, a 'Blue-White' Diamond Dealing Day will be held in the IDE trading hall, with dozens of traders offering rough diamonds for inspection and immediate sale, alongside many other IDE members offering impressive stocks of polished goods. Dates for this one-day event are to follow later.