Alex Popov Takes Part in Eastern Economic Forum

Moscow Diamond Bourse President and World Diamond Mark Chairman and CEO Alex Popov took part in the Eastern Economic Forum on September 2-3.

The theme of the Forum was “Opening up the Russian Far East”, with diamonds being one of the main sectors.

Popov took part in a panel discussion. Other panelists included ALROSA CEO Sergey Ivanov, Sandeep Kothari, Managing Director, KGK Group., Yury Okoemov, Vice President of ALROSA, Pavel Vinikhin, Director of DIAMONDS ALROSA, Erik A. Jens, Head of Diamond & Jewellery Clients - ABN AMRO, and Alexander Pshenichnikov, Head of Corporate Governance in Precious Metals and Precious Stones at the Russian Federation's Ministry of Finance.

The panel discussion focused on issues related to the Russian diamond industry, and particularly on the development of Vladivostok as a manufacturing center for the Russian Far East.

Popov spoke about consumer confidence and the need to open a major grading center in Russia.