World Diamond Mark introduces Part of You™ campaign to retail jewelers at JCK LV Keynote Talk

The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) held a well attended JCK Keynote Talk on June 4 at the JCK Las Vegas show.

The WDM team, consisting of Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, WDM Programme Director, Alex Popov, WDM CEO and Chairman, and Ya'akov Almor, WDM Communications Director, presented Part of You™, the WDM's global diamond retailer promotion campaign and its brand-new B2C website to a full house.

Krisztina Kalman-Schueler took the more than 100 attending retailers through the various phases of the Part of You™ diamond retailer promotion campaign, explaining in detail how participating retailers can benefit from the consumer-oriented website, become integrated in the digital marketing efforts and social media campaigns. In addition, she explained how Part  of You™ the central role story telling plays in the Part of You™ campaign and how by sharing their own diamond stories and those of their customers on the various digital platforms of Part of You™ will help drive consumer traffic to their stores.

Commenting on the Part of You™ campaign, one of the attendees, Dan Deans, Senior Business Manager of Asurion of Virginia, USA, a leading service plan provider in the jewelry industry, said that the WDM not only understands how to appeal to today's diverse and demanding consumer, but also what tools to deliver to the retailer to engage the consumer into a conversation. "I believe the format and content of this campaign will be highly appealing to consumers. Your campaign is effective and participating retailers will no doubt benefit from its implementation and messaging,"