Israel Diamond Exchange Publishes Code of Ethics

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has published a code of ethics written specifically for it by Israeli professor Asa Kasher.

The newly written code puts Israel at the forefront in matters relating to correct and transparent administration.

IDE President Yoram Dvash: "I am proud to be the first bourse president in the world to launch a code of ethics.

"It combines very well the IDE's path – a path of transparency and clearly written rules."

Asa Kasher is an Israeli philosopher and linguist and a Professor at Tel Aviv University.

Professor Asa Kasher said at a special signing ceremony at the IDE: "The code of ethics shows the bourse in its best light and how you want to appear and what you want to be. The code of ethics newly defines your identity and in accepting and adopting it you take responsibility for the whole diamond sector and are contributing a great deal to the Israeli economy."

Thanks go to all the people who took part in creating the code of ethics, including Yoram Dvash, Israel Diamond Institute Chairman Shmuel Schnitzer, IDE Code of Ethics Chairman Asher Dalumi, Emma Yanover for all the work she put into creating the code and members of the committee.