Election Of The New Executive And Arbitration/Disciplinary Committee Members

The following members have been elected onto the Executive Committee and Arbitration/Disciplinary Committee of the Diamond Dealers Club of SA for the coming year.

Executive Committee

E. Blom (Chairman)
M. Letsiki (Vice-Chairman)
L. Noach
M. Ellis
T. Doron
T. Temkin
D. Woolf
P. Mbetse
H. Ezzeddine
B. Gabay
A. Lowe
N. Henderson
A. Yeung
L. Sitton
N. Parag
B. Narcyz


Arbitration/Disciplinary Committee:

M. Zollmann
C. Kramer
G. Katz
D. Nathan
D. Joseph
J. Gaddie
A. Blom