Presidents Meeting Approves 'Diamond' and 'Grading Report' Decisions

The International Diamond Committee (IDC), a subcommittee of the WFDB and IDMA, met with a CIBJO delegation to discuss a final agreement for one standardized CIBJO/IDC book for grading polished diamonds and to confirm previously decisions agreed by both organizations in the past, Dieter Hahn told the 2017 Presidents Meeting.  

As the differences are mainly technical, the overall decision should be to have just the word "diamond" as there is no need to name it as a "natural diamond", according to ISO/DIN 18323, Hahn told the meeting.

In addition, the term "certificate" should not be used, but rather "diamond grading report".

The proposal was unanimously approved by the Presidents Meeting.

"This decision sends an important message to the diamond world and will help to clear any ambiguity between "diamonds" and "synthetic diamonds", he said.